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How to Prepare for Your Reading

Updated: Jan 29

by Courtney Beck

“Your vision will become clear only

when you can look into your own heart.

Who looks outside dreams; who looks within, awakes.”

-Carl Jung

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Reading

Think of your reading as an investment in your spiritual growth and overall well-being. You have purchased your session. You want to have the best possible experience.

You want to get the most out of your time with your advisor, spirit guides, and loved ones in spirit.

Please keep the following tips in mind so that your reading will be a valuable, memorable, and enriching encounter that will positively impact your life for years to come.

1. The Setting and Environment

Find a quiet spot where you can sit comfortably during your session.  Turn off your television, stereo, phones (other than the one being used for your session), and similar items which could be distracting.

If you have small children, find someone to care for them during your reading. If you have noisy pets, please secure them in an area that will be quiet for the duration of your session.

Please do not multi-task during your session. You and your advisor cannot achieve a strong connection if your focus is elsewhere.  Furthermore, it disrupts the flow of energy and information which will negatively impact the quality of your reading.

2. Prepare Your Mind and Energy

Please try to to set aside a little time to sit quietly for a few minutes before your session begins. Ten to fifteen minutes will do. Do a little deep breathing and quiet your mind to the best of your ability.  Listen to some relaxing music. Light a candle. Have a cup of tea. Ground yourself. This will help you to feel centered and settled before you begin.

Not only that, but you'll create a scenario that will become a treasured memory. A reading is a sacred portal into the divine unknown. Treat it as such and your life will be enriched beyond measure.

3. Prepare a List of Questions in Advance

If possible, have a list of questions prepared in advance.  This will help you to remember the things you want to look into.  Of course, during your session you may always ask additional questions as they arise. It's just helpful to have things written down beforehand so you don't overlook anything you want to address.

It's also helpful to have a pen and paper available for note taking, so that you can reflect upon your reading after your session is completed. Your reading is a window into the divine plan for your life, and having a record of your journey will inspire you as well as provide comfort when times are tough.

4. Cell Phones

These days most of us are using cell phones for just about everything. If this is the case, please make every effort to ensure that there are no reception issues.  If you and your advisor cannot hear one another, it will limit what can be covered in your reading, and since this is something you are paying for, you want to get the most out of your session.

If your cell phone coverage is limited or spotty, please use a land line for your reading. This will prevent disruptions and frustrations for you and your advisor.

5. Never get a Reading While Driving or in a Moving Vehicle

This is simply not an ideal setting for a psychic reading. While driving, your focus is split, and you are distracted from both tasks. Furthermore, it will greatly limit the information your advisor can bring forward. As a result, the outside distractions of traffic, noise, movement, and your own split focus will impair the entire reading.

Not only that, but it is dangerous. Your safety is paramount. I personally will not provide readings for clients who are driving or are in moving vehicles, and I have a policy in place that the session will be terminated if these conditions are present during a reading. Please, please, please, keep yourself safe and schedule your session for a time when you are in a calm, peaceful, distraction free environment.

6. Do No Drink Alcohol or Use Recreational Drugs Prior to Your Session

Never drink alcohol, take sedatives or use recreational drugs prior to a reading. Doing so creates blocks and diminishes the benefits you can receive from your session.

Always come to your session as calm, clear and alert as possible.​ You'll be glad you did. After all, if you can't remember what was said or who came through to speak with you during your session, then what's the point?

7. Come With an Open Mind and Positive Expectations

Lastly, remember that your session with your advisor is a co-creative process. A joint venture and journey into the Great Beyond.

So, enjoy your session!  It is for you and is your own unique and personal experience. You are communing with the Divine Source of All. You are connecting with Infinite Intelligence. How exciting!

You are loved unconditionally and beyond measure! At all times you are fully supported by the benevolent loving Universe!

What a miracle that is! What an honor and a privilege it is for me, as your advisor, to be a participant in your spiritual expansion, and to assist you in finding the answers you seek.

Such a blessing for us both!


Have you had a psychic or mediumship reading?

Let me know in the comments.

​© 2020 by Courtney Beck. All Rights Reserved.

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Unknown member
Mar 05, 2020

I have had a psychic, mediumship, spiritual guidance, and Light Language Sessions with you have helped me with inner healing and I love and appreciate you❣❤💜💛💙💚🧡🌼🦋Namaste....Karen


Courtney Beck
Psychic, Evidential Medium,
Intuitive Coach & Light Language Healer

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