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Courtney is such a lovely person to speak to. She is definitely my go to psychic to discuss heartfelt issues especially during times of crisis. Not only does she support her clients emotionally, psychologically, and through her empathy, but she uses her psychic abilities to peer into the situation with accuracy. Her timelines have always been accurate down to specific thoughts that are being channeled from the people or energy of the situation. I am always astounded by her insights and calming advice. She is definitely my go to for all of my questions. Additionally, her empathy extends far beyond the phone call. She really cares about her clients and makes sure to check in with them.

2/14/24 Geena R.


I had the pleasure of reading with Courtney again after a few months and it is always so eye opening! Not only is Courtney wise and able to tap into the thoughts and feelings of my person of interest but she goes deeply to the very root of why this person behaves in their avoidant energy. All of her past predictions have occurred. For instance, she predicted that my poi would reach out in October 2023 and he did. She also is able to provide accurate time frames even though that can be tricky to gauge. Not only is she accurate but she is so articulate, direct, and so compassionate in her delivery. She is truly my go to advisor and I appreciate her time and consideration always! 

January 2024 Jessica T.


Courtney is amazing! Not only is she kind and easy to talk to, her readings are incredibly accurate. I asked Courtney about the possibility of a new job. She told me to keep applying and that I would have an interview around the holidays. She then gave a full description of the job I would get. Let me tell you.. it was spot on! She knew that I would work for an OBGYN, it would be at two locations and I would work for a male physician. All were true and I start next month!!

December 26, 2023 Danielle D'Ortenzio


What a gem you are Courtney! You are a very gifted psychic and counselor. You have such a kind and compassionate nature with a gift of listening to and helping people. You are very friendly and professional, and you create an inviting environment where I feel safe to talk. Thank you!

Oct. 2023 Cheryl Noel

From the outset of my reading with Courtney, I knew she was for real. She needed no information from me, yet she told me things about my situation that I haven't shared with anyone else. Her intuitive abilities reveal a depth of understanding and empathy, which was really calming and healing. I began to understand myself and my partner in new and deeper ways. I am so glad I reached out to Courtney!

Deanne Miller

This was my first reading with Courtney, but wow! I've spoken with quite a few psychics before, but none were able to connect as quickly and thoroughly as Courtney. Her accuracy is first rate! She was so detailed in what she picked up on about my circumstances and concerns about the future. Her kind delivery of sensitive information was truly appreciated. She gave me tools to help me navigate a challenging situation, which left me feeling empowered and hopeful. Not only that, but her predictions came to pass within the time frames given. My reading with Courtney was such a wonderful experience! 

Suzanne Bennett

This is probably my 6th or 7th time connecting with Courtney in the last few years and her psychic gifts never cease to amaze me! She can tune into multiple POIs along with their intentions and provide detailed insight from her guides on my spiritual healing. Even though the answers may not be what I want to hear she was to the point and offered specific answers. She even knew that one of my pois was talking to multiple women currently and that this is a situation that I should steer clear of. Her insights have always proven to be accurate and never led me astray. I am so thankful for your guidance my love!!! <3

Mollie S.


Courtney is awesome! I am happy with my reading experiences with her. She has such a cheerful and optimistic personality. I also have found her to be very accurate and her approach is sensible. She made me feel at ease and, honestly, I'm so glad that I found out about her.

September 21, 2023 Kathy Parker


Courtney is an incredible psychic!! She receives straight from the Source and delivers very vibrationally accurate messages. Her messages feel so at home. Everything she has told me has been a cornerstone in my path. My mom has also seen her and had felt the same way. I am very grateful to have connected with her. And I definitely her to recommend anyone that is looking for guidance in their life, especially when in a cross roads or a turning point in your life!

September 27, 2023  Rachel Basil


I have had the honor of continuing to read with Courtney for the past two years and she proven time and time again that the psychic gift that she has is extremely rare. She is able to peer into the very soul and intentions of anyone that I have asked her to look into and can provide specific outcomes to those connections. For instance, she mentioned that a certain poi I was dealing with was unhealed and has trauma surrounding his family which proved to be true and that he was not ready for a commitment. All of her predictions have proven to be true time and time again. In addition to her psychic accuracy, she is able to provide advice and feedback based on experience. She is my go to always! 

September 16, 2023 Diana

Courtney could not have been more helpful! Aside from the obvious accuracy of the reading, I really appreciated the way she provided pre-reading guidelines to ensure the best possible experience. When she called at the exact appointed time, she was so pleasant and yet professional, explaining her unique process and just instilling so much confidence before we even started. In addition to all that, she regularly offers discounts - she is sincerely dedicated to her clients in every way.

September 13, 2023 Pamela White

Courtney is the kind of psychic everyone wishes they had, but don’t know how to find! She’s intuitive, upbeat, friendly, and delivers her readings with honesty and encouragement.

September 13, 2023  Gyja Frederiksen

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to Courtney several times. She is kind, upbeat, experienced and accurate. I get guidance and suggestions to improve areas of my life and expand my awareness to create those things I desire. Call Courtney, she will leave a positive impact on your life.

September 13, 2023  Margaret Tarpey


Courtney is a rare human being and advisor. Not only is she someone with incredible empathy and a remarkable bedside manner but she is an advisor who is completely honest about what she sees with the kindest delivery ever. I have read with Courtney for more than a year and she has been accurate about time frames consistently, is able to peer into the outcome of situations and analyze various pois’ feelings, thoughts, and traumas. She is always so articulate and provides a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an advisor that they can go to consistently! Thank you for being an amazing human being and psychic Courtney!

Sept. 3, 2023 Dee

I recently had the pleasure of taking Courtney’s Conscious Manifestation Coaching. Courtney breaks down manifestation in a way that I’ve never heard of or read about anywhere else. She also customizes the coaching and materials based upon the issues that come up in each session. Since starting the coaching, I’ve been able to manifest better personal and professional relationships as well as a pay raise. It’s been such a life changing experience and I recommend it to anyone who feels they are ready to take the next step in understanding manifestation principles. Thank you, Courtney! 

August 2023 Phoebe  

Courtney’s beautifully channeled light language activations are powerful and life-transforming! I felt physical sensations (chills, tingles, and my heart chakra opening), and experienced deeply emotional releases. I’ve been a client of Courtney's for more than 5 years and she is truly a force for transformational change, as well as an intuitive, compassionate psychic, lightworker, and healer.

Charlotte H.

I have had many readings with Courtney over the years. Her psychic intuition is accurate and clear, which is why she is my go to advisor. Her predictions are spot on, and her timing is unmatched. She understands the intricacies of relationships of all kinds, and clearly communicates how things are unfolding and why, along with giving detailed advice on how to create a new more desirable path forward. I don't know what I'd do without her!

Liz Ingram


Once again Courtney came through with her incredibly accurate readings, predictions and spot on coaching! I'm seeing things change for the better, not only in my circumstances but within me, which is the real win!!! 

I feel more empowered and calm, and that is saying something.  Read and work with Courtney as a coach. You won't regret it! 

July 9, 2023 Lindsay S. 


Courtney really nailed it about the situation with my partner and me. She immediately  picked up on what was happening and was completely tuned into our dynamics as a couple.  She gave me great advice on how to handle my fears and helped me to calm down. She even picked up on a trip that I'm planning and what my partner said to me in our last conversation...word for word, which was just incredible.  Her first two predictions have already come to pass, and I eagerly await the rest.  She's a true gem! Thanks so much Courtney. I know I'll be speaking with you again soon. Blessings!

March 27, 2023 Maria V. 

I had an amazing and profound past life reading and light language experience with Courtney.

I was amazed at how detailed and relevant the information I received was - especially around aspects of my past lives that are impacting my present life experience. The session was so resonant, and made such an impression on me regarding my levels of self awareness and living with intention. Courtney shined a spotlight on the obstacles I've been dealing with, but didn't understand. She provided me with incredible details into the generational patterns. She did light language clearing work in another session, to clear the energy of the issues which left me feeling so much lighter and energized.

Thank you so much, Courtney, for your kindness and empowering energy! 

Feb. 2023 Jessica Metcalf

I have had a number of psychic and medium readings and I will say that Courtney is exceptional! She is very grounded with her approach and will readily let you know if she isn't clear on something instead of making false assumptions. Even at times when the information she is getting seems unusual, she translates what she is sensing in an accurate manner. She easily sets up a trusting space and makes you feel at ease. I highly recommend a reading or coaching with Courtney! Both are great!

January 20, 2023 by Christina Lorraine

I really enjoy having readings with Courtney. It's like talking to a friend who is highly insightful. She makes you feel comfortable. She asks good questions which help clear the path for the advice she's giving. She's been spot-on with several decisions that I faced. I also had a private Meditation tutorial with her and that helped me a lot. I meditate now on a daily basis and use the techniques she taught me. It was well worth it.

January 18, 2023 by Stephanie Angelo


My personal experience with Courtney Beck has not only been life changing but also life saving! She is so much more than a gifted psychic/medium/healer. She is so compassionate and truly cares for her clients. I have had several readings with her and she has been amazingly accurate with the information she has given me. She listens to you and gives you her full attention. Do not be afraid to ask her any questions. She has been blessed with a beautiful gift that she shares with all of us! Thank U

January 15, 2023 Christina Knight

Searching "relationship psychics" on best psychic directory, I felt drawn to reach out to Courtney after reading reviews. Didn't know how fast she'd be in replying to my "same day request" so found another psychic. Courtney replied within minutes! & had openings same day. Courtney echoed a lot of what the other psychic said about a love interest. There is a ease & warmth in conversation with her. We were laughing a few times. I felt comfortable and safe. I will be back! Namaste.

August 17, 2022 Arielle Zelinski


Courtney far exceeded my expectations! I wasn't sure what to expect with my phone reading. I have had all kinds of bad past psychic reader experiences, including the very worst of frauds, and only a few readers were truly outstanding. I would rank Courtney as a truly gifted and caring and amazingly accurate psychic. She gave me exact names and details at the beginning of our reading. Courtney gave me life direction regarding my challenges. I can now sleep peacefully at night!

August 1, 2022  Yvonne Gibson


I’ve been reading with Courtney for many years. I’ve read with many before but after Courtney I didn’t need the rest. Not only is she extremely thorough but accurate. Never telling you what you want to hear but what she sees and need to hear. Isn’t that what we go to a psychic for? She’s direct but kind. Never intent on hurting your feelings but cares about you and protective. Her endless abilities, Empath, intuitive, past lives, etc. Simply amazing! Highly recommended!! Try her but no keeping!

April 14, 2022  Cecilia Cheung

Courtney Beck is Amazing! Her abilities & guidance are extremely on point. I have had multiple sessions with her. Courtney has really helped me get through & navigate very difficult situations in my life. She is genuine, honest, patient, compassionate & understanding. I highly recommend booking a session with Courtney.

April 14, 2022 Hazel Hobbs

I am reading with Courtney for a while. I found the connection right away. She is true and accurate. She says like it is. Her voice is very pleasant. I also had a clearing sessions. After them I felt energized and had more clarity. I would highly recommend her who is looking for the answers.

April 1, 2022 Izabella Lipetski

I have had several readings with Courtney and she has always been helpful and accurate. She is a delight and so easy to talk too. With her guidance, I have been able to move forward and let go of things/people that were holding me back. She has helped me to see things clearly and what it means. I’ve been very happy with all my readings.

April 1, 2022  Jeanie Ratliff

This is on Psychic Development session with Courtney. I was aware of my natural gift, but I needed some guidance, so Courtney helped me with that. The development session helped me understand my gift and how to enhance it through proper meditation, and Courtney's support through each session was wonderful. Her explanation is thorough and I appreciated that nothing she did was generalized things you can research on my own, everything was specific to me and my abilities. Thanks, Courtney!

April 1, 2022 Satoka Erb


This was my first reading with Courtney and I was completely blown away! (I think we both were hahah). She's a very gifted intuitive and psychic and also just a lovely, radiant soul. She offered so much guidance apart from the things she was channeling and really just confirmed everything I had been feeling lately. I came out of that reading feeling empowered and excited for what's to come next in my journey(: Definitely looking forward to continue working with her!

Mar Burgueno


Phenomenal Courtney!! Thank you so much for today’s reading…made me feel so much better and laugh….I appreciate your accuracy about my POI and situation. Very excited to see him weekend for my sister's wedding and following weekend for my Bday!  Talk to you soon for an update! 

Emily C.


WOW SHE IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!! She nailed partner's personality! Gives responses quickly and is so detailed and compassionate. Everything I’ve felt in my gut, she confirmed.  Courtney, thank you for your reading today.  Will be back for another reading with you because you are spot on!!! 

Marci J.


Omg!! AMAZING! Like talking with a sister. Courtney calmed me and helped make sense of the chaos. She broke things down and gave me HONESTY. So refreshing. Ty!

Elizabeth W.


Thank you again Courtney! You are the best. So very in tune, and accurate with my partner. Love this awesome lady:) 



Courtney Beck is the BEST! My go to when I need the most detailed, honest, accurate reading. I've been reading with Courtney for over a year, and she is always on point!



Courtney is very clear and detailed. Things she has said have come to be true. Courtney I feel has a clear connection to her guides. I’m happy I got a chance to connect with her.



Yup contact in the time frame she saw!!! Now waiting for the rest to unfold...



Courtney is my go to for the real deal, what is truly going on with my partner and future predictions. She has never steered me wrong, but predictions have come to pass time after time. Absolutely amazing!



Hi Courtney,
Just wanted to give you an update on what has been going on here. Since the Light Language healing, I have been feeling better each day...emotionally and physically. I can’t tell you how good it is to feel emotions and excitement again. It just seems to get better every day! So thank you so much for the healing. You did an amazing job!!!️️️



Courtney is the best! She picks up on the feelings and thoughts of the person you're asking about. So on point and kind!​


Medium Courtney is right on when connecting with your loved one. She was able to connect with my grandma and I got the answer I was looking for. Feeling happy. Please call her she is the real deal.

Mary R.


Ok...she’s incredible. Personable and lovely, and does a deep, deep dive into what’s going on. Loved this reading.

Nancy J.


Courtney you are the, I love our visits!! I leave our readings feeling revived and always have a plan for betterment. Thank you!!!



She was absolutely spot on. Really great advisor, honest, does not just tell you what you want to hear, but is so kind with delivery. Would definitely call back. Thank you

Rachel E.


Amazing and she told me things I never told anyone secrets etc...

Elanie P.


Absolutely fabulous reading! She picked up on POI like a book! Thank you!

Stephanie G.


Incredibly detailed psychic advisor who not only predicts what she sees thuroughly but also gives you possible psychological reasons and facts of what is going on with the one you love.

Janie C.


She knew so much about my current situation with knowing nothing but my name and DOB. She gave me accurate events that have happened and no way she would have known. Can’t wait to come back with a positive update once this is all over!

Oliva J.


I loved my reading with Courtney. Not only did I receive insight about the direction of my life but my beloved dog that I had to put down due to an illness came thru. She felt the grief surrounding me but said it was a loss of an animal. That did it for me and gave me peace that the right decision was made for him. Everything she told me was spot on. I highly recommend Courtney to anyone that seeks a reliable reading.

Ginni Conquest

Courtney ALWAYS puts me at ease after our calls. She is so calming and always is helpful with my situations. I call her regularly to listen to what she sees/senses with my current relationship situation. Her predications have come true in the past and now I am waiting to see if her current prediction comes true. Courtney is the absolute best! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER TO ANYONE!

Isobel C.

Picked on my situation very well without me having to say anything. Thank you!

Halle P.

Absolutely incredible. Her prediction came true down to the last day of the 6 week timeframe! Word for word what was going on in the mind of the other came out of their mouth. Thank you so so much!

Sadie B.

She is always so amazing with details and timelines. Also, she is the real deal. She mentioned something today she couldn't have known if she wasn't.

Kayla M.

She is truly the best. What I love about Courtney is she brings up specific details about things that no one else would know about except for yourself. I believe she is the real deal. This is the second time I have spoken to her. What she tells you does come to pass. There are still things from our first talk that have not yet come to pass, but her reading and timelines have been consistent.

Elizabeth H.

Courtney is always there for me! Ever since I first connected with her, I knew it was supposed to happen. I love reading with her even if it's a quick update/check-in as it puts my mind at ease! Thank you, Courtney! You bring so much light! Blessings!

Kathy M.

Amazing tunes in so quickly and connection is deep... so talented!! So glad I called.. highly recommend!!

Kathy M.

Courtney is amazing!! I was puzzled - why was I feeling the way I was and she picked it up right away!!!! There is no way she could have guessed it unless she knew what was really going on for real !!! As usual, I will come back for an update! Thank you so much for being with me in this amazing yet highly challenging journey :)) xoxo

Anna R.

Wonderful!!! Tapped into POI’s energy & personality amazingly.... Gave me validation to help me overcome doubts & insecurities and made predictions for things to look forward to; gave advice on how to release fears to attract more good.... Crazy thing is - while I was on the call with her, as she made me feel better about a rocky situation, my POI was messaging me at the same time! Going to put her advice to use & try to be more patient until the happy ending unfolds. Thank you!!!!

Maria M.

Thank you so much! I felt you were definitely connected with my POI and I. You also picked up on a lot of things I'd been wondering about. Thank you again for clarity!

Maya B.

Courtney just has this energy!!! I felt straight away and connected. She also picked up on things that i didnt even know until recently about my POI! Thankyou beautiful i will be in touch xx

Jessie D.

Talking to Courtney today opened my heart and brought so much peace to my mind. She is amazingly funny, concise yet very clear and so patient in answering all questions. She is the real deal no doubt about that! Blessings, love and light, Courtney! I embrace and accept the energy of this reading! xoxo

Anna R.

Courtney always makes me feel so at ease with my situation. She dives deep into the situation and tells me everything. She is really helping me get through my situation and my POI. I love her!

Terri S.

She was great! She even knew a small detail she wouldnt of known because I said nothing about it! it confirmed my feelings and my connection towards my person and my connection with her! Will deff be back to update her!

Elaine P.

Courtney is really amazing! She knew something personal about me, and I didn't tell her anything about it. She's very detailed too, which I like. She's super kind as well. Thank you!

Taylor F.

She was AMAZING. Very sweet and very on point. Picked up VERY quickly and just took off with just a name. Worth the call...def recommend her!

Clare B.

She’s just what I needed today! Courtney shed light on a situation that been in the back of my mind that I definitely need to pay attention to. 100% will be keeping in touch! Thanks again Courtney for all your insight and support!

Lana J.

Wow. Excellent reading. She connected quickly with strong accuracy and referenced key parts of conversations with my POI. Highly recommend!

Jeanie L.

Courtney is amazing...she is able to dive deep into the emotions and the very heart of your concern!! Very warm and compassionate!! Highly recommend!!

Katie J.

All I can say is wow about Courtney!! She's definitely the real deal and she's like one of the best advisors I have ever spoken to on keen! She's so sweet and easy to talk to as well! Thanks!

Danielle Y.

She is so amazing she connected with my brother and it was like she saw what he saw in my situation and was on point with it all! Will definitely update her on my situation!

Nala C.

I love Courtney! She is always so insightful and knows exactly what is going on. She knew so much about my POI. She gave me hope once again about my situation and I will be reaching out to her again!

Jessica R.

Courtney was spot on about things that were said in my current situation. She gave me some hope with it. I will be reaching out to Courtney again. Thank you!!!



I have had two readings and a light language session with Courtney and I want to share with everyone that this amazing, kind hearted Lady has been truly blessed with a special powerful gift. I have been to different psychics before and they were very vague with their answers. If you have questions that you have been searching for the answers to without avail... I highly recommend speaking with her. She is very detailed! Explains everything and truly listens to what you have to say. Call her!

Christina Knight 


Courtney, you are the best! you are the perfect blend of insight, empathy and advice. What would I do without you during this horrid mercury retrograde?



Courtney was insightful and intuitive as always. She offers not only an accurate view of the situation, but clarity into its relevance and meaning. Thank you, Courtney!



Very clear, concise and compassionate.

Angela R.


Very light and vibrant energy from her..detailed and gets to the root of the problem.


Amazing, insightful and intuitive. Courtney sees such vivid and accurate images. A pleasure to speak with!


Absolutely amazing!!! Courtney is so wise and healing!! The most profound conversation that I feel will help me with this intense situation I have in my life!! I plan to reach out to her in the future to navigate this connection!! I felt really heard and understood!! Wonderful, priceless advice!! Love Courtney!!! Highly recommend!!



A wonderful and compassionate soul who pairs strong intuition with loving encouragement. A blessing to speak with!



Such a lovely person to connect with! Courtney was insightful, accurate in her energetic understanding and compassionate without avoiding the hard truth. A very comforting, enlightening conversation.



I had a lot of things heavy on my heart & mind. I felt overwhelmed & hopeless. Courtney showed me that everything will be alright. She was dead on with many many things. I plan to speak with her again in the near future. She gave me hope , purpose & reasoning. I cannot thank her enough!!!

Wendy H.

Thank you for the reading! Very in tune with the situation. Thank you!


Very in depth to the nuances of my situation. Thank you!

Erin T.

At the age of 73 I have never had a reading done but due to increased and seemingly persistent memories of a loved one who had passed over in 1963, I suddenly felt guided towards having one done. During my intense research of mediums on this site I was drawn to Courtney's name above all others. Couldn't tell you why at the time but I most assuredly can now after contacting her, scheduling, and completing the Medium channeling session. From my first text requesting information, Courtney responded immediately offering to call me to discuss my needs. She did this a number of times until she was confident I knew my role in the reading. Then the reading! My loved one was reached after 56 plus years and I was provided with one if not the most memorable occurrences of my life! My loved one's messages/information being delivered through Courtney were completely accurate and things that only I would know. She was also able to relay additional information from my loved one that would improve my life's direction. If at anytime I was uncertain of how to respond Courtney patiently and lovingly walked me through it. Thanks to this truly gifted Medium any uncertainties, hesitations, doubts, etc. vanished at the onset due to what I consider her amazing compassion, knowledge, loving connection with the Spirit World, and, a very valuable trait to me, her sense of humor. Not only was her reading for me a precise validation of and for my awakening of nearly a year ago, it was fun! Courtney is truly a gifted, loving spirit whose Mediumship reading has amazed me, humbled me, and placed my life on a new spiritual path that I'm sure will continue to grow. Should anyone considering a reading yet is experiencing the uncertainty and doubt I felt, you need not hesitate with Courtney as she will remove those emotions for you and provide you with one of the most calming, knowledgeable, satisfying, and happy experiences you could hope for. Regardless of your reason for wanting a reading, I can highly recommend Courtney. You will not be disappointed! Thank you beyond thank you Courtney! I will be back!

Jeff Rice

My intuition was drawn to Courtney Beck, and indeed she was very helpful in the 2 sessions I had with her. Some intuitives are of high consciousness, but their gifts are not fully open, and other have some gifts but are not of high consciousness. Courtney is the ideal combination of both high consciousness and intuitive gifts. What she spoke resonated deeply as truth. It has helped me become more connected to my own truth and inner guidance. She truly wants the best for each one of us.

Updesh Kaur

Never having had a reading before I decided it was needed and chose Courtney as the Medium to help me with it. Any doubts, hesitations, or uncertainties I had concerning the reading process vanished upon my first contact with Courtney. The patience, compassion, and sense of humor she exhibited put me completely at ease. This, plus the accuracy relayed to me from my loved one about left me speechless! I highly recommend Courtney as an experienced, very knowledgeable, professional Medium. Thank you so much Courtney!!

Jeff Rice


Absolutely mind blowing!!! So deep and really validated what I felt!!! Clear guidance and very compassionate ... Courtney is so talented and I will seek her out again... so glad I called!!!



She is mind blowing amazing! she told me i would be going on a beach vacation with my guy. i really thought she was wrong because its not in our culture to jet off with s guy unless your getting married.But he just asked me today to go with him on a beach getaway!!!! how amazing is she?? i cant wait to speak to her soon! also all contact she has said have been correct.

Yasamin R. 


Courtney is a truly gifted, compassionate psychic. She's been in my life for many years and I return because I know she gives super accurate readings, detailed and timely. I highly recommended her!

Anna Wein


Courtney has touched my heart with her Light Language Healing...I had never heard of it prior to my contact with her and it is potent stuff in a very deep way. I have had just one session with her so far and I can feel an internal I have been trying to establish on my own and hadn't been able to do so. It is, for me, way beyond words and I am so grateful to her and her kind and beautiful heart.

Karen Munro 


I have not had much experience with spiritual readings before, and never over the phone. I was very pleased with how easy Courtney was to connect with, and the fresh perspectives and insights that she offered. I was looking for a direction and purpose in life now that I'm retired. She saw that i would be shifting into a new state of being in the next three months. I did not take this as being too significant at the time, but it has become prophetic to say the least, just one month in.



I just wanted to let you know that I told Matt what you said to me about how to be successful at this new selling gig and he is killing it. He's having an absolute blast and selling up a storm. Thanks for your input, because it made a difference!



She is amazing! She really cares and is a detailed and confident reader. Ty.



Amazing, as if she was here with me.



So, so good. Thank you Courtney. You really  helped me see into this situation. 



Courtney is a really great adviser that catches really specific details and is very accurate!



I contacted Courtney to connect with my father who passed away several years ago. I am so happy I did! She was able to communicate with him so clearly! She saw his military uniform (even though I only told her his first name) his mannerisms, his antics in the kitchen when I was cooking, his car and the scar above his eyebrow. I had her ask him what his favorite food was and she said "chicken parmesan" which totally was his favorite thing!!! I am in tears, but in a good way! I am so happy to have been able to reconnect with my dear dad. What a special gift you have, Courtney! Thank you thank you so much! Blessings to you and your family!

Sarah M. 


Courtney saw me getting a new job and it happened in the time frame she predicted! I am blown away. 

Calli B.


Courtney picked up what no one else could could get. Now I understand why this is happening in my life. She is truly divinely connected, and she can step back and see the big picture. She understands these complex relationships and past life connections. Wow! So much info to take in and process. I'm so glad I spoke with you. Thank you!

Rachel S.


Courtney is absolutely amazing I highly recommend her to anyone looking for answers for their life and relationships. She’s very accurate and always willing to help in any way she can. Furthermore, she truly cares about helping others with life questions or other concerns they may have. Thanks for everything Courtney, you're such an amazing person!!!

Suzie K.


Once again Courtney has blown me away.  Another of her predictions has come to pass in the exact timeframe she stated. I'm stunned. Thank you so much Courtney for you love and support during this trying time.

Carrie D. 


Courtney is amazing! She has been spot on with my poi. She nailed how I met him, our family situations and circumstances.  She even channeled word for word what he said to me in my last conversation with him. Her predictions have been scary accurate! She told me I would be buying a new car this month, and even though I had not planned on it at all, I ended up having to do just that! Courtney is the bomb! 

Lindsey R.


I just finished the clearing session and four coaching sessions with Courtney. The clearing session helped a lot- in that I felt a positive shift afterward, clarity, and had more energy too. She has given me many tools to use to improve my life and work with the laws of attraction through the coaching sessions and readings. Courtney has been accurate in the past and I always leave my sessions/readings with Courtney with clarity and feeling more positive.

Katie Z.


Utterly amazing! Courtney has channeled people, living and deceased, with incredible accuracy and clarity! My mother and father have both come through to communicate with me, and Courtney told me things that only they would know. Favorite foods, the arrangement of my bedroom when I was growing up, the name of the dog I had when I was a child. Conversations I've recently had with people word for word. Just incredible and so healing. Thank you Courtney! 

Lauren F.


Courtney's predictions are scary accurate. Her details and timing are continue to astonish me. She told me I'd hear from an old flame by the end of January. I had not heard from him in 4 months. He reached out and came forward on Jan 27th, just as Courtney had predicted! I was speechless! Always gentle and kind, and honest. I love our sessions and get so much out of them. Thank you!!!

Janie R.


I had the most wonderful reading with Courtney!!! My grandmother came through so clearly! I had been looking for a ring she left me 

and was utterly devastated by its loss.  During my reading with Courtney my Nana came through and showed her exactly where my ring was...and Courtney could see it! Courtney said "your grandmother is in your bedroom and I see her pointing at your closet. The ring is inside a paper grocery bag filled with clothes at the front of the closet. There is a red sweater on top. The ring is at the bottom of the bag." I didn't believe her as I'd just cleaned out that closet a few days prior. She asked me to look anyway. I totally thought she was bonkers! lol But, when I looked, the ring was at the bottom of the bag under the clothes (and there was a folded red sweater on top)!!! I'm so happy that I have my grandmother's ring back! If I hadn't contacted Courtney, the bag would've been taken to Goodwill and the ring lost forever! Courtney is the real deal!!! Thanks so much Courtney (and Nana!!!) I'm a believer!!!

Sandy L. 


Fantastic reader!!! Very compassionate and sooo accurate! Picked up amazing details (first letter of a name of a person that was mentioned very impressed!!) She really tuned in into things without me saying them. Thanks so much! I'll be in touch again! 

Adriana A.


Oh WOW so GREAT- the most detailed and on point reading I have had and I get quite a few readings (I am not proud hahaha) but my situation is challenging so I like to get readings about it!



Blown away with how gifted Courtney is... fantastic... deep, insightful!!! So glad I called!! 

Lindsay R.


Courtney is THE BEST! I've counted on her for years. She doesn't just give accurate info, she gives you the tools you need to live a better and more abundant life.

Sarah Green


Love love love Courtney!! She is fast with great insight into any situation. I have consulted her for years and have always found the right path with her. Her predictions come to pass, especially when the advice is taken into true consideration. 

Maria S.


I have been working with Courtney for a while now and I can count on her for amazing details and insight. I always appreciate the tools she gives me so I can work on the energy surrounding my situation.



I had my second reading with Courtney and she is continuing to see my situation working out. I know and feel she is telling me what she strongly sees and not just what I want to hear. I trust her completely. She is amazing to talk to and even sees things I didn't tell her. A million stars for her.
Christine L.

Courtney is simply the best when you truly want to understand someone to the very depth of their soul. She can see the path they're on, lessons they're going through, their fears, what they want. She's absolutely incredible and always with a gentle approach.

Courtney is definitely worth your time.... She is connected and shares with purpose and honesty. 

Love this lady, direct honest insights 

She is an amazing reader. I recommend her to all. She was on point and so, so good. Thank you so much!

Love Courtney...She is very connected and one of my favorite readers. Call her, you will be so happy that you did...Thank you... 

She is awesome! I love reading with her. We have more in common than I even ever realized. I look forward to what is coming in my life and I feel the shift. I am ready to do what is necessary to be with my soulmate. I feel my happiness coming and Courtney has reassured me that it is all true. She gives me peace when I am in need...Thank you so much

Courtney was on fire tonight! Been a while since we spoke but she really tuned in to everything! A marvelous marvelous reading!

If you need a psych analysis to understand someone - Courtney is the person to go to.

WOW! Courtney practically reaches into people's hearts and tells you everything that you need to know about people. I was blown away how I just gave her a name and she told me things that just blew me away. She is the real deal!! Compassionate and sweet. I am so happy I called her because she is the first people that explained my situation in a way that floored me. I have such clarity now about what is going on and it makes such great sense. She is amazing. Thank you Courtney!
Kim Mazzella

Courtney is so genuine and really picks up fast....always in tune with what I call about :). 
Renee L.

Excellent reader!! Glad I called...Really picked up the current situation and it completely resonated within me.. and she provided me with some helpful information to manage my own thoughts which I definitely need! Thank you!!! Highly recommend!  
Laura B.

Great first reading, Courtney, you're good :-). You nailed his personality and I'm very happy to hear that I will hear from him again and will see good things unfold. I can't wait, I will be back to update you for sure. God bless! 
Thelma T.

Lovely reading with Courtney. She communicated with a dear friend who is on the other side offering me comfort and guidance. Thank you so much. 
Judith R.

Courtney is awesome!
Renee L.

Courtney is great!!! I have talked with her a few times. She is on point, very helpful, caring and always a pleasure!!! Very in tune with what is going on. I will definitely speak with her again!
Robin L.

Thanks Courtney, your the best and explain things very well...I will call back for updates.
Kelly E.

Lovely as always. Thanks for the help staying on track! 
Sara Gean

Courtney said I would hear from him Thursday before 7 p.m. He texted me at 6:48! All I can say is Wow!  
Deandra S.

Correctly predicted outcomes of two situations from this past weekend and more importantly the insight offered was valuable and realistic. 
Alicia T.

She's so spot on and continually proves to be accurate on predictions! Great reader!
Dena H.

Phenomenal! I must call back when I have a little extra. Definitely getting some solid invaluable information just as call ended. Super insightful and full of deep wisdom.
Mia S.

Thanks sister! I've been trying to talk my man off the ledge all week and you were able to do it in just a few minutes. 
Sara Gean

Thank you for the chat today! Very fun to talk to and I will let you know what happens! Picked up on all of my situations accurately : )  
Samantha R.

She def picked up on my situation well, I filled her in and she gave me some great insight and took away my concerns. She said things were turning around. I asked how I could improve timing she mentioned something I've been working on - law of attraction! So I'm happily doing all I can to attract what is manifesting in my life - faster without worry. She's great! Call her! 
Dena H.

Courtney is awesome!! Call her to get an accurate look at someone or something! 
Renee L. HB, CA

Thank you so much for your insight! Always so detailed and helpful!  
Jen V.

Courtney really delivers her messages with complete confidence....KNOWING what IS. :) 
Renee L. HB, CA

You really knew the situation in full details! I gave you the first names of all and the information just poured out of you. Now I know the background information, and who's who. Courtney is extremely gifted and I recommend her to all I just had a 5 star reading with great guidance. 

Very helpful, clear and concise.  

It was the most beautiful validation...Thank you and I am sorry to keep it short...i am so thankful to have chatted with you.
Anne K.

Seems to know my guy very well! 

Fantastic as always! Thank u!! 
Jen V.

When I first started [talking] to Courtney just about a year ago, I was depressed and delusional and had no direction in my life. She taught me skills and lessons that helped me grow and heal into a strong young woman instead of a stuck, sad girl. Courtney is more than just a psychic. She is TRULY an advisor with many talents and a genuine nature. If you have not spoken with Courtney, you are missing out.  

Always reassuring and always a pleasure! 

Oh Courtney thank you so very much for all your patience and guidance  

Forever my favorite <3

I have had my fair share of dishonest readers fishing for ratings and money so I can say with confidence that Courtney is one of the sweetest and most honest advisors on this site. If your dreams are not yet in your path, she will show you how to get there. Please try her. You won't regret it :) 

Thanks for all the clarity! SO looking forward to what's next!!! 
Sarah G.

Super efficient fast read to help me discern my inner voice vs. fear vs. just guessing! Thank you very much for the help! :) 

Thank You Courtney!! You are amazing and thank you so much for helping me see things clearly. 


Prediction came to pass!!!

Always a fabulous reading!!

Outstanding Advice.

Spot on!

Perfecto! Tuned in right away and helped me to align with this big ol' shift I am making that is a little anxiety-provoking ^_^ Thank you again! 

Very enlightening call! Thank you for validating many things and guiding me through.  

Very clear in what she sees.  Nailed the situation on the head.
Melinda H.

Predictions were spot on!  Worked out much better than I thought.  Individual showed their true colors as Courtney said they would.  Gifted adviser!

Lovely and powerful, and definitely felt on target.  Will call again!
Sarah G.

She is wonderful!

Wow!  Just what the Dr ordered...The message she relayed was exactly what I needed to receive.  I'm elated I called!  Unbelievable, profound, accurate details I cannot deny.  She's amazing!!!


You are very gifted!

Courtney's insight is always proven information I can count on.  Love her!

Very good!  Kind and compassionate!

Excellent adviser.  Very gifted and easy to get a reading from.  A must try!

Thank you for the gentle reality checks.

Courtney is an amazingly accurate and insightful reader, with a warm and generous heart.  While she is kind and compassionate in her readings, by no means does she sugarcoat things; which I personally appreciate.  I highly recommend giving Courtney a call.  I'm confident that you will be glad that you did.

Courtney is such a kind and gifted soul. She has taught me the true beauty of manifestation. The universe can surely work in our favor when we believe in ourselves and Courtney shown me how. This woman is a beautifully gifted reader and you are missing out if you do not try her. Thank you Courtney.  I will continue to keep my head up so I don't miss my gorilla!  :)
Camille A., CT

Fantastic as always! Right on point 100% 
Jenn V.

This woman is a godsend!  
Camille A., CT

Love Courtney! She is always tuned in so accurately to what I call about :) 
Renee L. HB, CA

Excellent reading! Thanks Courtney! 
Renee L. HB, CA

Courtney is always on point! 
Renee L. HB, CA

Got the contact as predicted! Looking forward to the rest of the predictions unfolding! 
Michelle S. 

Was 100% correct . There was an action I had to take and the outcome has come out positive !  
Michele S.

Fantastic reading!  Thank you so much!
Jenn. V

Her prediction was correct!
Lisa R.

Very good reading.  You knew the details of my situation.  Thanks!
Karissa T.

Courtney has helped me keep the faith for almost a year now. She encouraged me to gain enough self love and strength to leave a terribly abusive relationship behind and graduate into the next beautiful loving chapter of my life. I am beyond blessed to have stumbled across Courtney. She has changed my life and my heart in ways no other advisor has ever been able to. She helped me glimpse my future and see everything I would miss out on if I did not start loving myself. Thank you so very much Courtney :) I will be sure you get the invite to the gorgeous and gorilla nuptials :) <3 
Camille A., CT

Courtney is great! Clear, quick and direct.  

A pleasure speaking to Courtney-Great insight and accuracy with her reading- and thx for clarity regarding the person in question :) 

Very intuitive reader! Confirmed something's about me that I was unsure of. Thank You and will call for with updates :-) 
K Shon

She's awesome!!! Very quick, detailed, and accurate with what she sees. Absolutely incredible!!! Thank you! 

Very clear on what she sees she has been seeing a specific situation clearly and it's coming to pass  
Melinda H., SC

Courtney is such a blessing, words can not even describe how much guidance and assurance she has provided me over these past 6 months! 
Camille A.

You truly are amazing with your gift! Thank you so much for helping me get through all of this!  
Jenn V.

Very clear on what she sees.  She has been seeing a specific situation clearly and it's coming to pass. 
Melinda H., SC

Amazingly clear reading and picked up on things that no one else knew!  
Melinda H., SC

Great reading! Thank you Courtney you made the world lift off my shoulders!! I will let you know what happens!! :) 

Wow! So detailed and very kind to speak to! Thank you and your guides are awesome! 

Honest and very sincere. Thank you very much! 

Great reading with Courtney. She has been very in tune and accurate. Exceptionally gifted and great personality!! 

Courtney always tunes right in so clearly and accurately!  
Renee L., CA

Amazing as usual! Thank you Courtney! 
Jenn V.

Amazing as usual! Thank you Courtney! 
Jenn V.

First time chatting with Courtney and she picked up on my situation well. I will sit back and wait to see what he does. Until then, I'm going on with life with me and my daughter until he is ready to come around again. Thanks. 

Fantastic reading! Thank you so much Courtney! You're always on target with so much detail!  
Jenn V.

I have chatted with Courtney a few times over the past several weeks. It has been a great experience. I tried a few other people first who give one word answers and leave things very vague. But I feel like I am having a conversation with Courtney and she always explains everything in a sweet and comforting way. So I Would go back to her. Thank you!  

Courtney is always so connected when I call! She tunes in fast and tells me what she sees and accurately connects with the energy of who I call about.
Renee L., CA

Wonderful reading thank you!!!! 
Irma S.

She deserves 10+ stars!!! She told me that he would call or text by 7 pm today and 6:13 pm he texted. She has been totally on point with her other predictions as well. Can not say enough good things about this reader!  
Melinda H. SC

Courtney was able to validate my impressions and take it a step further. I was grateful for her insight. Her communication to me was spot on, delivered with compassion and honesty.

Courtney has been helping through a rough time, and she reads my situation accurately and I appreciate her kindness and understanding. 
Diana R.

Thank you so much, Courtney!!! 
Diana S., Nashville, TN

You are amazing Courtney!  So much detail!  Thank you so much for the advice!  I'll talk to you again soon!  
Jenn V.

Courtney is GREAT to talk to!!! I was a first time caller last week and have talked to her twice since. Courtney is also kind and compassionate. Her readings are clear, to the point and full of valuable details. Thanks so much, Courtney!
Diana S., Nashville, TN

Brought me back to reality and clarity! Always a great read!
Renee L., CA

She is as nice and sincere as her picture looks. Very good reading!  Thank you! 
Joanne B.

First reading with Courtney, and she was awesome! It was like talking to a friend who has known you for a long time. The information she provided is very useful and I look forward to talking to her again soon. Thanks a lot, Courtney! 
Diana S., Nashville, TN

Fantastic reading! Thank you so much!! You are right on target! Call you back soon! Thank you! 
Jenn. V

Denise L., CA

Hands down the best of the best. You won't be disappointed! 
Denise L., CA

I was able to get answers the tons of questions I had. Courtney was just amazing. I look forward to the predictions unfolding! Kind, gifted, and able to laugh, too. Worth the call! 
Michele H.

Thank you so much :)
Ruth J.

Awesome reading! 
Eric, FL

Fantastic reading! Will call again! 
Lucy R.

Excellent!! I ran out of time, but will definitely be calling Courtney back soon! She was so in tune and uncanny in what she immediately picked up on!  A must call!  
Michele H.

I really have to say Courtney is the best. If you want true detailed her. Thanks Courtney! 
Jenn V.

Wow! She is so upbeat and fun! I also love that she just really tuned into the other person and really quickly, too! I really recommend anyone to give her a chance! :D  
Krysta M.

Awesome awesome awesome...I have never had a reading this powerful in magnitude. Greatness here everyone. Definitely worth spending some funds for this anointing.  
Renata H.

My call was very enlightening and opened my eyes to the surroundings around me. You have such a great gift. Thank your for all your insights. If you want an amazing reading, don't hesitate to call.
Karen P., NY

Awesome! Great!  Will be back... 
Trina S., NY

Forever my favorite <3 
Camille A, CT. 

I had a really amazing connection with Courtney :). Everything she said resonated with me so much. Super gifted, kind soul.  :)

Renee L., CA

So sweet and kind! I really appreciate you connecting with my situation today Courtney. I'll be in touch :) 
Ankita L.

Great as always! Thank you! Talk to you soon! 
Jennifer V.

Eric, FL

Always my rock :) 
Camille A, CT.

Courtney is great!  Very accurate and didn't waste my time. I will definitely read with her again.
Athena R.

Courtney is amazing in her gifts. She can tell you things ahead of time to give you power to avoid any future problems. She can tell and feel what you are going through without saying much of anything to her. Please call her as she awesome and accurate!
Concetta C., NY

Fantastic!  EXCELLENT!  EXCELLENT!  EXCELLENT! She knew exactly what was going on. Jumped right into details and didn't waste my time with unnecessary information. I'm so happy I found her and will definitely be calling again! Thank you again!!! 
Lenora T., Ft. Worth, TX

Courtney predicted that I would get the job I was interviewing for, and she was right! 
Stacey, MO

Quick, Courtney is very ethical as well as clear in what she sees. I really enjoyed talking to her as well as the messages she gave. Thank you!

Melinda L., Boston, MA

Thank you so very much for all your help. Courtney is consistent, accurate, and helpful. 
Camille A, CT.

She was absolutely amazingly wonderful. She tuned in quickly to my energy field and explained in depth what I needed to know. Thank you so much! 

Meredith R., NY

She is straight to the point and doesn't waste your time. 
Eric, FL

Great Reading! Lots of detail! Fantastic! 
Jennifer V.

LOVELY, lovely lady! She is so great to talk with, gives details right away without asking too many questions of me. Great! 
Tracy M.

Very insightful & reassuring. She was very detailed & gave me hope for a brighter future.  
Esperanza C. 

Psychic Courtney was accurate and amazing in keeping me calm for myself without my stating much to her. She is able to pick up on all of your concerns without saying a word and can see the future outcomes! 
Concetta C., NY

Great reading. Really resonated with Courtney. I intuition tells me she was sincere, and it was an honest reading. Thank you. :) 
Charlene D., Richmond, VA

Such a beautiful reader :) Such an inspiring reading. I am so blessed and thankful to have Courtney as my friend and advisor.  
Camille A, CT.

She is authentic and kind, very professional and respects a person and their level of understanding. 
Jeanne K., Ft. Collins, CO

Courtney is the bomb! I love her! She was very sweet, honest and very detailed! She touched on all the subjects I asked about and more. I am very pleased with my reading. I will definitely be calling her again for an update in two weeks! Thank you so much Courtney! You're the best! 
Danielle F.

Awesome! Genuine.
Debbie O., Sarasota, FL

Courtney is awesome. She picked up on my situation immediately. I just gave her names and she was off and running. She was easy to understand and was very clear in the reading. 
Kacie P., Charlotte, NC

Courtney was superb! Very quick, to the point, and gave me tons of details without me giving her any information. She was also very kind.  I'll definitely speak with you again Courtney. Thank you again :) Ankita L.

Wow... what an outstanding reading! Thank you Courtney! 
Cindy A., London, UK

I could talk to you everyday! And it seems like I do ! Thank you Courtney for being so good at what you do and for your kindness and humility.
Lacy R., Los Angeles, CA

You are the best!!!!! Thank you ! Hooked on you!
Lacy R., Los Angeles, CA

What would I do without you?! Thank you. You are truly amazing!
Claudia J.

Great reading. Connected right away and very specific with timing and the situation at hand. I prefer readers who don't use tools - I feel they are more authentic and Courtney was amazing. I will definitely read with her again.
Andrea F.

I just had my first reading with Courtney and she was fabulous! I highly recommend her!

Suzanne P., Atlanta, GA

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