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5 Benefits of Meditation

Updated: Jan 29

Why Meditation Works and Why We Need it.

by Courtney Beck

Meditation. It's a buzz word in the consciousness community. These days you hear it everywhere. From Oprah to Eckhart Tolle, from celebrities to your pet sitter.

So, what's the big deal? Why is everyone so bang on about it?

Meditation has many positive benefits...mentally, physically, and spiritually. After all, we are mind, body, and spirit, right? By addressing our issues from a mindful approach, we reap the glorious rewards of inner stillness and peaceful presence. When we implement a holistic strategy for our well being, we can truly thrive and manifest more beautiful experiences into our lives.

In this blog post I'll be focusing on the mental and spiritual benefits of meditation.

Let's dive right in, shall we?

1. Meditation Reduces Overthinking

"Thinking is compulsive: you can't stop, or so it seems. It is also addictive: you don't even want to stop, at least not until the suffering generated by the continuous mental noise becomes unbearable." Eckhart Tolle.

Let's face it, we are all thinking too much.

And it's true. We have become a society of overthinkers. But what is overthinking exactly? In a nutshell, overthinking means we are focused on the things we have little to no control over and how badly we feel about them. Overanalyzing, worrying, ruminating. It's all part of the overthinking addiction.

Overthinking takes us out of the blissful present moment. When we are focused on the past (regrets, shame, and blame) or the future (fear, worry, and anxiety) we are lost in a miasma of stress and inner turmoil. Not only that, but the overthinking process creates mental confusion which makes the solution to our problems virtually impossible to access.

By meditating regularly, we calm the storm of our overthinking minds, and find that sweet spot of delicious inner stillness. It's in that space of peace and tranquility that the answers to our problems can rise to the surface of our conscious minds. Then we can take action and feel less vulnerable and more empowered. Total win!

2. Meditation is the Key that Unlocks the Door to our Higher Selves

Our Higher Selves have our backs at all times and want only the very best for us. By opening the portal of communication with our Higher Selves through meditation, we can activate our intuitive gifts, receive the answers we need, and access direct Divine guidance from the Great Source of All.

This connection puts us squarely on the path of our soul's true purpose in this lifetime. We feel invigorated with energy and loving kindness. We become more unconditionally self-loving. It's this high vibrational state of being that enables us to manifest the things we desire. We become true alchemists and radical manifestors of miracles.

3. Through Meditation we Become More Empowered

Through a regular mediation practice, we cultivate an inner environment rich with pure positive potential and self-empowerment.

We become increasingly less reactive and more responsive to life's challenges. This absence of reactivity enables us to clearly perceive what actions and steps need to be taken, if any, or...we become better equipped to accept the things we cannot change.

Either way, it's a win.

Through our lack of resistance and reactivity, we gain access to our inner power and strengthen our muscles of self-trust. Not only that, but others become increasingly respectful of our boundaries and needs. When we treat ourselves with respect, trust our own intuitive guidance system, and love ourselves unconditionally, others will follow suit. As Hermes Trismegistus said....As without.

4. Meditation Allows us to Reprogram Our Limiting Beliefs

Those pesky negative thoughts getting you down? Never fear! We can reprogram our minds to think more positively.

Because our brains have the ability to form and reorganize synaptic connections through neuroplasticity, we can transform our thought processes through the reprogramming of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. We do this by accessing our subconscious minds.

In order to access our subconscious, we must be in a deeply relaxed Theta brain wave state. This is the state we are in when we are daydreaming, just drifting off to sleep, or...Ding! Ding! Ding! You guessed it! When we're meditating. In Theta state, we are more relaxed and highly suggestible. Thought processes move more freely, which increases our creativity and intuition.

It is in this state that we have access to our subconscious minds, and can begin the process of eliminating negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, and "downloading" new positive thoughts and empowering beliefs.

That in itself is a victory!

5. Meditation Increases Our Mental Clarity and Focus

Distracted? Trouble concentrating? Struggling to find inspiration? Dah dah dah DAH! Meditation to the rescue! It is truly a super power.

We all possess unlimited potential to be Divinely creative. But sometimes gaining access to our creativity is a challenge.

Our minds are constantly scanning our environment for new sources of stimulation and information. We are bombarded daily with a plethora of distractions. Cell phones, social media, to-do lists, over scheduling, bills to pay, stress and worry. Oh my! All of which disconnect us from our own creative inspiration and Divine potential.

Through meditation we learn to be still and sit with ourselves in the silence. As a result, we open the floodgates to release our authentic selves and our own inner genius. Divine inspiration pours forth with flow and ease. We learn to tune out the distractions. We can begin to access our creative brilliance!

And that, my friends, is truly a victory!

Are you struggling to meditate?

Let me know in the comments.

​© 2020 by Courtney Beck. All Rights Reserved.

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