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12 Signs Your Loved Ones in Spirit are With You

Updated: Feb 18

by Courtney Beck

When our loved ones make their transition into non-physical, it leaves a deep and gaping hole in our lives. The grief can feel unbearable, and we long for them to communicate with us.

This is only natural, and it's perfectly normal to want to connect with our loved ones in spirit. As a medium, my clients frequently ask me why their loved ones haven't communicated with them since their transition. They feel frustrated and worry about the well-being of their loved ones. Why have they not given a sign?

But grief has a funny way of blocking our sixth sense and blinding us, which prevents us from being receptive to telepathic or extra-sensory communication. Thus, even though our loved ones ARE attempting to connect, we're just unable to perceive it.

Over time, as our grief diminishes (and it will, dear one) we may then become more receptive. This will take some effort on our part because to communicate with spirit people, a vibrational shift must occur in ourselves and our lives. Otherwise, we will remain blocked from psychic contact.

Until then, here are some signs that your loved ones are indeed trying to communicate with you.

1. Dreams

Because our minds are usually so overactive, we become blocked to receiving psychic information. But during sleep, our subconscious is WIDE open and far more receptive.

Spirit contact dreams differ greatly from your run-of-the-mill everyday dream. They're very vivid, detailed, and easily recalled.

Where your basic dreams begin to vanish upon awakening in the morning, spirit contact dreams will stay with you FOREVER, in full-on technicolor detail! These dreams are powerful and filled with deep imagery and messages.

Your loved one may appear to you at a different age, possibly much younger than they were when they passed. They will likely look healthy and vibrant. You'll feel joy radiating from their being!

Four years after my father made his transition, he came to me in a vivid dream. I remember every detail to this day. He looked exactly as he did 10 years before his death when he was still healthy and energetic. He gave me a message, which turned out to be prophetic. He said "something wonderful is about to happen" and he threw his head back and laughed with joy! Two weeks later I found out I was pregnant with my third child, even though we were not trying to conceive. It was such a blessing and I'll never forget it as long as I live!

These are magical and transformational experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime. Cherish them!

2. Scents

Scents and fragrances are a common method our loved ones use to try to get our attention. You may smell your father's cologne or your grandmother's perfume. You may notice the smell of cigar smoke even though no one is smoking in the area. You may smell a favorite flower or possibly food that was prepared often by your spirit person. The smell of a fireplace may waft out of nowhere. There are all signs from the spirit that your loved one is near.

You'll have an emotional reaction and an inner knowing that this is your loved one making their presence known to you. Cherish it. Acknowledge it. Revel in it.

3. Music

Songs are a great way for our spirit people to connect with us. They may use a song you both loved or one your mother sang to you as a child. The songs will come out of nowhere unexpectedly, and you'll get an inner knowing that this is definitely a spirit communication. Listen carefully to the lyrics, because there's a message in there! You may have a physical or emotional reaction to the song, as well. Take it all in. Bask in it, because It's divine communication from the other side.

4. Phone Calls or Texts From Nobody???

Yes, that's right, phantom phone calls or texts DO happen. You might receive a call from your deceased loved ones phone or a text message from an unknown number. This does happen, although it can be a rare form of spirit person contact. Your loved one is trying to connect with you, and they'll use any means they can to get your attention. So, don't freak out. It's all ok. Just acknowledge the paranormal activity, and understand that you are loved and protected. Your loved ones in spirit don't want to frighten you, they only want your attention.

5. Unexplained Noises

Hearing some tapping? Did you hear your name called or whispered? Noticing the sound of footsteps? No, you're not going crazy. It's your spirit people trying to connect. Just say hello and let them know you hear them. Everything is ok.

6. Finding White Feathers

Feathers are always a sign of spiritual activity. They are often associated with angels, but can also be a message from your loved ones in spirit. White feathers in particular are a message of hope, transition, and blessing. So whether it's your guardian angel or your grandmother, take the message and hold it in your heart. It's certainly a message of love, protection, and hope.

7. Pennies From Heaven

Finding random pennies on the ground is one of the most common ways our angels and loved ones let us know they're around. If they're thrown at you from out of nowhere, you're attention is definitely being sought! So if you see a penny, pick it up. It's the gesture of a loved one from the other side. And be sure to check the date on the coin, it may be of real significance!

8. Seeing an Apparition or Spirit Body (Ghost)

Truly, this is one of the more unusual forms of visitation from spirit people. It takes an enormous amount of energy for them to appear to us in spirit form. Not only that, but they are aware that it may scare the hell out of you.

Having said that, it is still possible and not to be ruled out as a method of contact. If you do see a spirit, it will likely be in holographic form. This is the essence of the spirit body coming through, and there is no need to be afraid. Just acknowledge them and consider it as a sign of their love for you.

9. Lost (Hidden) Objects

Can't find your keys? Lost your phone? Having trouble locating your wallet? Yep, it's your spirit people. This is a particularly popular way they communicate, especially for those loved ones who were pranksters while they were still in the physical body.

Remember that when we transition into non-physical, we only shed our bodies and our egos. Our personality and sense of humor will remain intact. So, if you have a loved one in spirit who was a jokester, get ready to go on a wild goose chase for your purse!

I once dated a man whose grandfather in spirit loved to hide things around his house. He was always shouting into the room "ok, where'd you put my keys, Pop? I know this was YOU! They were right here on this table five minutes ago!" And I would hear his Pop giggling and snickering behind him. LOL!

10. Orbs of Light or Shadows

One of the ways our spirit people will appear to us is in the form of sparkling lights, light orbs, or shadows. Because they do not yet know how to focus their energy to appear in a more recognizable form, they may appear as very quick and brief flashes of light. You may see mist out of the corner of your eye or notice some movement in the form of a shadow.

I see these flickers a lot in my mediumship work, and it's usually a very recently transitioned soul trying to manifest themselves visually.

11. Feeling Physical Touch, Tingles, or Chills

Feeling sudden tingles down your spine? Getting goosebumps? Feeling someone brush past you? All of these are signs from the spirit that they are in your energy field and trying to connect with you. They feel excitement when you respond because they know they've successfully made contact. If you feel any of these things, stop for a moment, become still in your mind, and telepathically (or out loud) ask them what they want to share with you. It may only be to let you know they're there, but either way, it's still successful communication and connection. So enjoy it!

12. Lights Turning on or Off and Flickering Lights

There have been many stories and tales throughout history about spirits turning lights on or off. This phenomenon is a result of a spirit trying to communicate with us. It's quite common for them to turn the lights on, or off, or cause them to flicker. Sometimes they cause the bulbs to pop and blow out.

And remember, just because your loved one has shed their physical form, they still exist because our spirits never die. There truly is NO death. We merely transform and travel to another dimension and higher frequency.

So rest easy. Your loved ones are not gone. They are still around trying their best to connect with you.

Have you ever been contacted or visited by a loved one in spirit?

If you'd like to connect with a loved one on the other side, I can help! Contact me for a Mediumship reading.

Let me know in the comments.

​© 2020 by Courtney Beck. All Rights Reserved

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