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Open yourself up to the wisdom and guidance of the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Spirit Guides with a message channeled specifically for you through Courtney Beck.


Through this service, Courtney will provide messages channeled directly from higher spiritual beings to assist and support your awakening and ascension process.


Gain clarity, insight, and valuable information to help you along your spiritual path. 


This unique service offers personalized messages to help you connect with the spiritual realm and move forward in your life and spiritual journey.


Receive wisdom and guidance from the spiritual realm with a unique message tailored just for you.


These messages will enhance your spiritual growth, and offer support and guidance as you navigate your awakening and ascension process. 


Discover the wisdom and insight waiting for you through this unique and personalized experience to guide you on your path.


All channeled messages are provided in writing and sent via email within 3 business days after completing your purchase and sending your area of focus (if you have one).


If you wish, you may choose an area of focus for your channeled message, or leave your request open-ended.


The time to receive, channel, transcribe, and email the message is included in the service fee.


Channeled messages are unique for each individual, as well as the amount of information and length of the message(s) Courtney will receive for each person. 




Personal Channeled Message from Angels and Ascended Masters


    Courtney Beck
    Psychic, Evidential Medium,
    Intuitive Coach & Light Language Healer

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