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Connecting You with Loved Ones in Spirit

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Rachel S.

Courtney picked up what no one else could could get. Now I understand why this is happening in my life. She is truly divinely connected, and she can step back and see the big picture. She understands these complex relationships and past life connections. Wow! So much info to take in and process. I'm so glad I spoke with you. Thank you!

5/12/18 Rachel S.

Sarah M.

I contacted Courtney to connect with my father who passed away several years ago. I am so happy I did! She was able to communicate with him so clearly! She saw his military uniform (even though I only told her his first name) his mannerisms, his antics in the kitchen when I was cooking, his car and the scar above his eyebrow. I had her ask him what his favorite food was and she said "chicken parmesan" which totally was his favorite thing!!! I am in tears, but in a good way! I am so happy to have been able to reconnect with my dear dad. What a special gift you have, Courtney! Thank you thank you so much! Blessings to you and your family!

5/21/18 Sarah M. 

Janie R.

Courtney's predictions are scary accurate. Her details and timing are continue to astonish me. She told me I'd hear from an old flame by the end of January. I had not heard from him in 4 months. He reached out and came forward on Jan 27th, just as Courtney had predicted! I was speechless! Always gentle and kind, and honest. I love our sessions and get so much out of them. Thank you!!!

2/26/18 Janie R.

Lauren F.

Utterly amazing! Courtney has channeled people, living and deceased, with incredible accuracy and clarity! My mother and father have both come through to communicate with me, and Courtney told me things that only they would know. Favorite foods, the arrangement of my bedroom when I was growing up, the name of the dog I had when I was a child. Conversations I've recently had with people word for word. Just incredible and so healing. Thank you Courtney! 


3/18/18 Lauren F.


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