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-Bypasses the brain

-Activates DNA & Pineal Gland

-Releases energetic blockages

-Accesses deep inner widsom & truth

-Creates emotional, mental, & physical healing

-Initiates/Assists the Ascension Process

-Activates the Light Body

-Works on a cellular level to attune you to a higher vibrational frequency

-Brings you into alignment with your Higher Self

Are you feeling stuck? Do you find yourself in the same kinds of repetitive circumstances, and relationships?  Are you experiencing the same thoughts and emotions over and over again?  Then it's time for a shift into clarity, freedom, ease, and inner peace through

Light Language. 

Light Language is the language of the Soul. It is ancient, mystical, and powerful. It is deeply transformative and healing mentally, emotionally, and physically.

 I began channeling Light Language 31 years ago. I have experienced deep inner healing, positive change and spiritual growth in my own life through Light Language, and I've seen it's beneficial impact in the lives of my clients again and again. 


Through Light Language, information is transmitted on a cellular level through a series of light codes which are channeled through a variety of means. My own Light Language comes in the form of  words, tones, singing, chanting, written activation codes, 

and hand/body movements, and is of the frequency of pure Divine Light and Love.

These deeply healing light codes create beneficial change and healing on a cellular level.  They activate your light body, assist with the ascension process, and clear lifetimes of blockages, old thought forms, and behavior patterns that we all have running on a subconscious level.

Past traumas can be addressed and cleared, and limiting beliefs reprogrammed.  You'll feel a lightening of the load as this energetic and emotional clutter is brought to the surface and released.  Stagnant negative energy is cleared, eliminating blocks to joy, abundance, love, confidence, health, and so much more! 

My Light Language Energy Clearing Sessions are intended to:

  • improve the quality of the energetic flow within your body

  • clear blockages within your energetic system (chakras) 

  • enhance your body's ability to heal itself

  • Create powerful shifts in your state of consciousness enabling you to access your own intuitive guidance

Your own Light Language can also be activated during these sessions, enabling you to more easily access your own intuitive guidance.  

If you feel stuck, frustrated or confused about your soul’s purpose and mission, your life path, relationships, finances or health, this incredibly healing process can help to clear this fogginess, bringing you peace, clarity and more freedom.  

I would be honored share my Light Language Channeling gifts with you.



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Light Language is sacred communication w
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