Akashic Records Reading

A deep dive into your Akashic Records. 1 Hr.

  • 1 hour
  • 333 US dollars
  • By phone

Service Description

For new and existing clients. The Akashic Records are The Book of Life, otherwise known as The Universal Mind or The Eye of God. They are regarded as the energy of pure unconditional love. The Akashic Records are the compendium or record of your soul’s eternal journey. From the moment your Soul was created, until you stop reincarnating. The Akashic records hold all of your thoughts, feelings, actions, words and deeds from every lifetime. Accessing your Akashic Records can help you to understand why you chose your family or particular challenges in this lifetime. The Akashic Records will help you learn what you need to know about these situations so that you can heal the emotional pain and clear the obstacles blocking your path to true freedom and self actualization in your this lifetime. These readings are intensive and a quiet distraction-free environment is required. Please prepare your environment and space ahead of time to allow for the uninterrupted flow of psychic intuitive guidance. Sessions may not be recorded by any means without Courtney's written consent.

Cancellation Policy

Requests to reschedule must be made prior to 24 hours of a scheduled session. 

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