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30 Minute Light Language Session

Clear blocks/dense/heavy energy and feel better NOW

  • 30 minutes
  • 169 US dollars
  • By phone

Service Description

If you are dealing with blocks, unhealthy relationships, limiting beliefs, or the effects of past trauma, Light Language is a powerful healing modality which shifts and clears your energy on a Quantum level. Light Language transmissions clear blocks to joy, abundance, love, and health (mental, emotional and physical). Old karmic patterns are released via the encoded light information which acts on a cellular level, clearing past and current life traumas, creating profound changes in your life. Any negative energy you may be subconsciously holding within your body and energy field is transmuted and cleared, accelerating spiritual growth and your ascension process. Be they limiting beliefs, fears, unhealthy relationships and/or emotional attachments, overthinking/negative thinking. Many times we find ourselves stuck in the energetic signatures of the past and don’t know how to escape the cycles. This is because the way we hold and carry the energy within ourselves either supports our expansion or blocks our progress. Light Language breaks these cycles to create positive shifts and profound life long change for your highest good. This session focuses on your entire energy field and works on a cellular level to create positive shifts and inner healing. Light Language will raise your vibration and help you to feel refreshed and energized, with a new found clarity. Enjoy more ease, flow, and clarity. Step into a new state of being and access freedom, joy, and self-love through Quantum Light Language Clearing. How sessions are conducted: Courtney will assist you in achieving a relaxed and receptive state by guiding you through a brief mediation. As you lie down in this relaxed state, Courtney will channel Light Language through words, chanting, singing, clicks, toning and hand movements. All you need to do is receive. Afterwards, you may feel highly energized, tired, or relaxed. There is no specific way to react or feel after your session. Everyone experiences it differently, as these light codes are channeled from the highest level beings of love and light, and are specific frequencies designed for your specific energy, body, and needs. Sessions may not be recorded by any means without Courtney's written consent

Cancellation Policy

All services, readings & coaching/mentoring program purchases are final. All requests to reschedule must be made a minimum of 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment time. All No Shows will forfeit session & payment without refund.

Contact Details

Richmond, VA, USA

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