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A Channeled Message - Connecting With Your Heart Space

Updated: Feb 12

Channeled by Courtney Beck

Your heart space is your connection to the divine YOU.

It's your connection to All That Is.

You are never separate from the One Source, it just feels like it sometimes.

It may feel like you're separate most, if not all, of the time.

But I promise you - you're not.

You can never be separated from the love that you are, the One Source, the Universe, the Almighty Creator.


Because you are the Universe having a human experience.

But when you believe the Universe is outside of you, you feel the pain and discomfort of the illusion of separation.

And it hurts.

It hurts so much.

You feel it in your body, your emotions, and your very soul.

It's deep.

It's uncomfortable.

It feels like a chasm between you and your Higher Self.

But your Higher Self, (your Soul, Oversoul, God-Self) is always connected to you because you are one with All That Is.

Your soul is always showering you with unconditional love and is waiting for you to realize that you're lost in the illusory dream state of separation.

You're asleep to the truth of your amazing, awesome, powerfulness.

Wake up to the truth, to the reality of your connection with your Inner Being.

Spend time, as often as you can, in peaceful contemplation of this incredible truth.

You are God.

You are love itself.

You are adored, protected, and connected.


Feel into this truth.

This is the connection with your heart space.

In your heart space are all your answers, all your power, all your inner knowing.

Be still and know that I AM (you are) God.

Everything you want flows from there.

Be at peace.

All is well.

Channeled by Courtney Beck.

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© 2024 by Courtney Beck. All Rights Reserved.

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